New Kitchen Aid Attachments Will Transform Your Kitchen Experience!


Dear Olga Massov,

I’m writing to you today to share some exciting news! The KitchenAid® brand you know and love has now added two new attachments to make your kitchen experiences more authentic.

These new attachments include a vegetable sheet cutter and a fresh prep slicer/ shredder.

The vegetable sheet cutter can be used to incoprorate fruits and vegetables (cucumbers, sweet potatoes, apples) into dishes in a fresh, new way. The fresh prep slicer/ shredder can make a world of difference by transforming vegetables and cheeses in your favorite salads, dinners, and appetizers.

Of course, they are compatible with all sizes of our mixers.

We’ve noticed your prestigious blog includes a “recipes” section, and we think our new products would be advantageous to you. As we’ve seen, your diverse recipes range from baked goods to inventive entrees. What better way to hone your skills than to get the very best out of your favorite KitchenAid® appliance?

“There’s no question that Stand Mixers have always been a kitchen essential for bakers,” notes Beth Robinson, senior manager of brand experience for KitchenAid®. “But every cook should know that each KitchenAid® Stand Mixer model has an attachment-ready Power Hub that opens up a world of possibilities for making one appliance do the work of many.”

We will be sending you both attachments for your consideration. We value your opinion and we cannot wait to hear back from you!

Thank you,

Lauren Schiavone

Media Representative


-Press Release


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